Month: July 2009

President Nixons undelivered Apollo 11 disaster speech

Forty years ago, Michael Collins was in orbit around the moon and two brave men, Neil Armstrong and Edwin (Buzz) Aldrin (Jr) were sitting inside Eagle at Tranquility Base on the moon getting ready to make history and be the

Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter photos of Apollo landing sites

NASA has reported that the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) has sent back its first images of Apollo lunar landing sites. They say they will be releasing the images at 12 noon EDT (5pm London Time), today, Friday 17th July. Here

I'm Tweeting the Apollo 11 Moon Landing Live (40 years late)

For those of you that use twitter, I’m going to be tweeting the Moon Landing Live (Well, 40 years late). You can find the twitter feed at

Serving Google KML and KMZ files from IIS

By default, Microsoft IIS only supports a small number of files. This is what you need to support KML and KMZ files in IIS. The MIME type details are: Extension: .kml MIME type: application/ Extension: .kmz MIME type: application/ If

Moon Shot

Article reads: St Petersburg Independent – Friday, July 4 1969 [image] Credit: AP Moon Shot This double exposure of the moon and the Apollo 11 moon rocket was made after the service gantry was moved away during a countdown demonstration

5 July 1969 – They'll grab more Moon

The Age – 5th July 1969 America’s Apollo 11 astronauts will bring back to Earth double the quantity of Moon specimens than was earlier planned, scientists announced in Houston today. Join me on twitter at to relive the 40th