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Giant Kiwi – No News is not Good News

I’m trying to find out the status of the markings on the land at the moment. Hopefully they are still visible and my work wasn’t in vain. For now though, you’ll have to make do with a view from google

Giant Kiwi – Not Happening this Trip

It’s all gone a bit to custard. The weather is still too wet for me to finish the kiwi and on top of that, I went into hospital last week and had my Appendix removed.  The net result – I’m

Giant Kiwi – Weather Problems

The winter this year in New Zealand must be one of the wettest for a couple of years. I’ve been unable so far to go back and finish the wide line or to fly over and take photos as-is. I

Giant Kiwi – Widening the Line

After the successful flight overhead to check the draft of the kiwi, it was time to widen the line up a bit. I had planned to use a high pressure paint sprayer, but due to lack of electricity on the

Giant Kiwi – First Impressions from Above

I finally had a day where the weather wasn’t too bad so I took the opportunity to hire a plane (I have my pilots license) and fly over the kiwi.  This wasn’t the official photography run, just a chance to

Giant Giwi – Marking it out

Today had to be one of the wettest days in Mangawhai for a few weeks, but the rain managed to stop for most of the day while we marked out the kiwi. We marked it out using cans of white

Giant Kiwi – A View from Space

I’ve created a kmz file for Google Earth. Giant Kiwi KMZ file for Google Earth If you don’t have google earth, here is a screen grab from it.  The satellite photos on Google Earth are still a little out of

Giant Kiwi – An Artists Impression

A little playing around in Photoshop resulted in this picture: The measurements are in metres.  I’ve worked out that the line needs to be about 30cm (1 foot) thick if I want it to be easily visible by satellite. I’ll

Giant Kiwi – The Design

It only took a friend a couple of days to draw CAD lines over the kiwi I sent him. The main requirement was that all arcs had to be centered on an intersection of lines and all straight lines had

Giant Kiwi – The Plan

I have to go back to New Zealand in a month to get a new Visa for the UK. It appears that I’ll be there for a good few months so I decided I better find some things to keep