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More 3D Photos – Side by Side

I’ve had a couple of requests from readers to supply the 3D photos from my post a week or so ago in side by side configuration. Although anaglyphs are convenient for web posting and viewable by almost anyone, you do

More 3D Photos

Here are the 3D Photos I promised. They are from my first test of my dual camera rig. I got off the tube at Piccadilly Circus and walked to the London Eye. Here are some of the highlights which I

So much Detail….

I can’t get over the detail I’m getting out of my 3D Stereo Photographs. The quality of the photos is just amazing. Check out this picture.. Here is a crop from the full resolution version (click to see in 1:1

First Photo with my Dual Camera 3D Rig

I went out a few days back and took a few photos with my new 3D Rig. The most amazing things are the sharpness and the synchronisation of the two cameras. Take a look at this photo. The real devil

3D Photos from my Loreo Lens in a Cap

After my earlier post about the Loreo Lens in a Cap, I decided I’d post a few of my results so you can decide what the lens is like. Here are a couple of photos I took that did come

USB Remote Completed

I’ve made my remote, it’s as simple as it gets, with a momentary push switch. Behold the monstrosity that is my USB camera remote: It does look like a detonator but I’m hoping when plugged into two cameras it will

Making the USB Remote

I’ve picked up my pieces from Maplin and started building my remote. I’ve been playing around and found that with my cameras, they seem happy receiving 9 volts to trigger them. This makes the circuit very simple. Disclaimer: USB is

A few things have arrived

I ordered a few items off the Bay of E and am getting excited about this project. Here is the Flash Bracket I ordered: It’s just a straight rail with TWO screws for mounting the cameras. It’s already starting to

Dual camera 3D Photography

While back in New Zealand I picked up a couple of the “Canon Ixy Digital 10” digital camera. Yes, it’s actually a Japanese model – I got then through Parallel Imported Ltd who as the name suggests, Parallel Import things.