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Honey Harvest

Happy new year! I did a very small (single frame) honey harvest on about the 17th December to get a couple of jars of honey for xmas gifts. I would have done more, but there was only one frame of

Bee Gallery

I took my Macro lens out to the apiary last week and tried to take some interesting photos of hive activity. Here are some of the better results – Enjoy…

First super on a hive

My bees are a little late to build up for the season, mainly because three of the four hives are swarms I collected. The hive from the Nucleus I purchased is another story – In the last few days the

Still collecting Swarms

I managed to get myself on a number of swarm lists, one of which the Auckland city council seem to refer to when they get Bee related phone calls. As of yesterday, I’ve now collected a total of three swarms

Fencing the Apiary

I’ve been very busy over the last few weeks fencing off an area for my apiary and collecting a couple of Swarms. I hope to post some more bee info soon.

Moving the swarm to a bigger home

My bee suit arrived today so I was able to move the bees from their temporary five frame home into their final home. While transferring them I managed to catch a glimpse of the queen, so she’s definitely in there.

Bees arrive

I went and collected a swarm of bees yesterday. I was unable to confirm if the queen was in it, but the bees seem to be staying in the box, so she must be in there somewhere. I collected them