U-Blox LEA-6H Precision

This is one of the many tests I’m doing to compare GPS/GNSS receivers. I’ve had this u-box LEA-6H unit for about five years. It was the GPS that came with the 3D Robotics ArduPilot that I’ve been using…

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How precise is a circa 1999 Garmin eTrex?

This is the first of the tests I’m doing to compare GPS/GNSS receivers. I got my first GPS unit, a Garmin eTrex in 2001 and I used it to Geocache. It’s sat unused for over 12 years, but…

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Measuring GPS (GNSS) Accuracy and Precision

With the recent technological advancements, I’ve recently become interested in RTK GPS and decided it would be fun to compare all the different GPS/GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) receivers I own. I ultimately plan to see how they…

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