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More new chicks

At the end of October we put six fertile eggs underneath our broody Bantam hen and a couple of days ago they started to hatch. We ended up with three of the six eggs hatching – they’re all Black Australorps.

Chicks – 7 Weeks old

The chicks we incubated are now seven weeks old. It looks pretty clear to us that the two Black Australorps are Males while the Blue Australorps are Female. The Males are for sale or swap if anyone is interested.

Chicks – 4 Weeks Old

We let the chicks outside again today. We managed to find a number of worms while gardening and it seems the chicks definitely have a taste for them.

Chicks – First time outdoors – 3 Weeks Old

We wrapped some chicken wire around our outdoor table and let the chicks out today. They seemed to enjoy themselves.

Chicks – 18 Days Old

I never realised quite how fast chickens grew. This is only six days since my last post with a picture of them!

Chicks – 12 Days Old

Our four chicks have been in a cat carrier cage for the first 10 days of their lives. They grow like crazy and it was soon time to move them to a bigger home. I made up a 1500 x

Chicks – 1 week old

We ended up getting four chicks from the eggs we purchased. We purchased 12 eggs, here are the stats:

The Hens have arrived

We picked up some hens on the weekend, the first of our farm animals (we only had a cat up until now) – does that mean we’re farmers now? We’ve got some Black Australorp Eggs in the incubator, but it’ll

Lined and ready for Hens

Over the weekend I managed to line the Hens end of the Hen house. This was done for a number of reasons, mainly that the building is clad with treated plywood and it’s best for the Hens to not be

Completely Weathertight and doors fitted

I managed to finish the eaves on the hen house over the weekend and fitted the doors and their hinges. The latches for the doors are pretty simple, they’re just a cam made out of ply which you turn to