Lined and ready for Hens

Over the weekend I managed to line the Hens end of the Hen house. This was done for a number of reasons, mainly that the building is clad with treated plywood and it’s best for the Hens to not be in direct contact with it. I also did it because I didn’t want the Hens pecking at the steel framing and to make it a bit easier to clean.

I’ve installed a sacrificial plywood floor. This is on top of the treated 19mm plywood floor – Hopefully if this floor fails, I can replace it easily.

We’ve created four nesting boxes and installed two perches – all out of untreated pine.

Check out the funky door locks

A view from the outside

I’ve still got to sort out the facias and guttering, but these can wait until another weekend. As it stands, we’re ready to get some hens.

The weather seems to come from the west so the door is in an unfortunate West-facing direction. I’m thinking I might have to cut a small Hen-sized opening in the south side of the Hen house for when the weather is particularly bad.

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