RFE TPA-PAF Slant 45 Mod

Here’s how to modify an RF Elements Twist Port Adapter from H+V to Slant 45.

Note that this change DOES NOT change an attached antenna from H+V to Slant 45, it just corrects the orientation of the Twist Port Adapter so that it sits vertical on an atenna rather than at a 45 degree angle.

If you make this change and attach it to a standard H+V horn, the signal will still be H+V, but this twist port adapter will be on an angle – Basically, you need to modify BOTH the horn and the adapter.

You will only need one tool for this modification, a Torx T-10 screwdriver

Slide the cover up off the adapter
Remove the six screws and lift off the cover
Remove the two screws and lift off the clamp. Remove the middle GPS connector if it doesn’t come with the clamp.
Carefully lift the two remaining antenna connectors out of their holder and take off the final cover.
Remove the last 4 screws holding the waveguide/feed. Note how the feed is keyed to the H+V orientation.
You should be left with this single piece of plastic
Break off the little tab labelled slant so that the keyed part of the feed can go into the newly made keyway. Reassemble the feed
Closeup showing the orientation of the GPS connector and how it all sits in the clamp
Closeup of how the cables need to be routed so that the last cover can be fitted.
If you did it right, the two feed elements should now be at +45 and -45 degrees

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