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Power meter optical pulse detection

I’ve always planned to monitor my electricity usage. I had previously (about a year ago!) ordered some power transformers from seeedstudio and a six channel ADC for simultaneous three phase current and voltage measurement but never got around to starting

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Wiring up the ESP8266

Before you can program the ESP8266, you need to wire it up. First things first, the ESP8266 uses a 2mm pin spacing so you can’t use a standard breadboard as these use a 0.1 inch spacing. It also uses 3.3V

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Introducing the ESP8266

About a year ago I put up some money for the Wino-Board kickstarter project, received my Wino-Boards and did nothing with them for 12 months. They are effectively a tiny Arduino board attached to the innards of an ESP8266 WiFi

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EP Solar MPPT Tracer charge controller serial code

Following on from my previous post working out the EP Solar Tracer serial protocol, I’ve got code working on a Raspberry Pi. It’s even validating the CRC checksum.

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EP Solar MPPT Tracer charge controller serial interface

I’m currently involved in a project to set up a solar powered wireless station and wanted to remotely monitor the battery charge process. I looked into a number of charge controllers to see if any of them could be connected

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dump1090 binary built for Raspberry Pi / Arm

If you’re after a binary of dump1090 for the Raspberry Pi without having to build it, here’s a compiled binary for you. I built it on Arch linux, but it also works on Raspbian, or likely any other Arm processor

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Pulsecounter PCB’s have arrived

I posted recently about detecting power loss in an AVR and quickly writing values to EEPROM before power is lost completely and have since received the PCB’s I ordered from oshpark. This is the first time I have ever ordered

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This website is now exclusively SSL

Google have announced (Ironically via a non SSL website) that they will now take into account whether sites use secure, encrypted connections as a component of their ranking algorithm. On this announcement I’ve switched my website to exclusively use SSL.

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AVR – Detecting loss of power and writing to EEPROM

As part of a recent AVR project, I wanted a way to increment a counter and store it even if the power was lost. This could be done with an external flash memory device, but I wanted to use the

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Huawei HG630B. Inspecting the firmware

My previous posts on hacking the HG630B didn’t result in me getting root/console access to the router, so it’s time to look into the firmware. I downloaded the latest version of the firmware. These are the details of the firmware

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