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Powering and Grounding 1Wire DS18B20 with Digital IO Pins

Sometimes you find yourself in a situation where your Micro-controller has plenty of spare IO, very little power & ground connectors, and you want to add a 1Wire DS18B20 device as tidily as possible. The classic Dallas 1Wire…

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Pulsecounter PCB’s have arrived

I posted recently about detecting power loss in an AVR and quickly writing values to EEPROM before power is lost completely and have since received the PCB’s I ordered from oshpark. This is the first time I have…

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AVR – Detecting loss of power and writing to EEPROM

As part of a recent AVR project, I wanted a way to increment a counter and store it even if the power was lost. This could be done with an external flash memory device, but I wanted to…

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