More 3D Photos – Side by Side

I’ve had a couple of requests from readers to supply the 3D photos from my post a week or so ago in side by side configuration.

Although anaglyphs are convenient for web posting and viewable by almost anyone, you do require the red/blue glasses to see them. One of the most useful formats for web distribution is the side by side format either in cross eyed or parallel format.

The only difference between the cross eyed and parallel view images is that the cross eye images are supplied with the Right image on the left and the Left image on the Right. I personally find Parallel viewing easier on my eyes so sorry but the following images are all supplied as Parallel view.

To view these images, relax your eyes and try to focus behind your computer monitor. I’ve added dots to the tops of the images which when viewed correctly, you will see a “centre” image with the two dots overlaid on top of each other. This centre image should be in 3D. If you have trouble, make sure your head is level relative to the images.

Give it a go, no special equipment is required (except for two eyes), the only downside is that the images should be on the small side to assist with correct viewing at a normal sitting distance.

Here are all 10 images from my previous post in a side by side format.

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