Making the USB Remote

I’ve picked up my pieces from Maplin and started building my remote.

I’ve been playing around and found that with my cameras, they seem happy receiving 9 volts to trigger them. This makes the circuit very simple.

Disclaimer: USB is supposed to only work on 5 volts, YOU should use 5 volts. The camera ‘should’ have built in regulation to reglate the power supply….I’m not sure but I used 9 volts and it works for me and I took the risk of breaking a camera to try it. In other words, “Do as I say, not as I do.”.

The circuit I was working from is this:

Which was stolen from which has detailed instructions for making the remote and installing the software onto the memory cards.

Basically, the camera can be triggered when 5 volts is supplied across the normal power supply lines.
I’m going to destroy the two cables that came with my cameras and the wires inside that were black and red (as per the USB specification).

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