I'm Tweeting the Apollo 11 Moon Landing Live (40 years late)

For those of you that use twitter, I’m going to be tweeting the Moon Landing Live (Well, 40 years late).

You can find the twitter feed at www.twitter.com/ApolloEcho.

An in case you were wondering, I’ve automated the whole thing. I’ve trawled through newspapers, mission transcripts and other sources to try and get at least one tweet every two hours. I’ve got it all in an SQL database and using a schedule task to tweet the messages as required.

I might release the source code if anyone is interested. It even works out the time to publish and adjusts itself so that future tweets are sent at exactly the right time. At the moment it’s a scheduled task which runs every 10 minutes. If no tweets are due for over 10 minutes, it will close immediately. Otherwise, it goes into a loop and sleeps for 90% of the time remaining before the next tweet until the right time comes around.

Anyway, if you are interested in the Apollo 11 landing, check out @apolloecho on Twitter.

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