Month: December 2008

Merry Christmas

Christmas day has at least started for the entire planet. Mery christmas and I hope Santa brought everything you wanted. If you find yourself bored at anytime over the next few days, feel free to make yourself a Terrrorist Santa

4000 x 3000 = 12.1 Million?

I used to own a nice compact Canon Ixus 900Ti camera – It was a lovely little camera but unfortunately didn’t come out too well in a match against a concrete floor. I decided to replace it with the Canon

40th Anniversary of Apollo 8 Launch

Apollo 8 launched 40 years ago today. This was to be the first time humans would ever orbit the moon and laid the foundation for the Apollo 11 Landing in July 1969. Believe it or not, Apollo 8 was also

Website usability 101

I logged into HSBC internet banking today. In fact, I tried to log into HSBC internet banking today…. The message reads: Issues with Safari Browser 3.2.1 The latest Safari update from Apple which was released on Monday 15 December 2008,

Mac OS X – Changing the default application for files

I’ve never had any trouble finding where to set the default application for a specific file, but it took me a while to find out how to set it for an entire file type. To set the default application for

Upgrading Mac OS X from 10.5.5 to 10.5.6

Apple recently released an update to Mac OS X 10.5.6 I have a Macbook pro with everything standard except for 4GB of RAM. I was currently running OS X 10.5.5 and thought the update would be somewhat trivial. To cut

Don't vomit in public!

I saw this outside the Mile End tube station in East London. It reads: “GET DRUNK, VOMIT IN PUBLIC & YOU’LL BE FINED £80.” “Cutting Crime TOGETHER” I guess it does it’s job, it gets your attention.

Expensive advertising

This was the state of one of CBS’ electronic signs at Liverpool street tube station today. I took the photo just before 3pm. It was still like this three hours later at 6pm. I wonder who is paying for the

Overcast skies in London

I was unable to get a photo of the moon on friday – London has had overcast skies constantly since around noon on Friday. Maybe next time… Did anyone else manage to get one?

Don't forget to take a look at the moon tonight

Remember that the moon will be very close to earth tonight  and a full moon. In London the moon will be rising late and overhead at around midnight. If you only have a view to the west (like me) you