4000 x 3000 = 12.1 Million?

I used to own a nice compact Canon Ixus 900Ti camera – It was a lovely little camera but unfortunately didn’t come out too well in a match against a concrete floor.

I decided to replace it with the Canon Ixus 960 IS (updated model), one of the main benefits is that my leather case, screen protector, battery and charger are the same so no need for new accessories (Hopefully I can modify my WP-DC7 waterproof case to fit the 960 is).

Anyway, the front of the camera (and all pamphlets) clearly state it’s 12.1 Megapixels:


In full resolution it takes photos of exactly 4000 by 3000 pixels – Last time I checked, this was 12.000000 Megapixels, definitely not 12.1.

I understand rounding, but this is definitely false advertising – Unless somewhat wants to challenge my maths.

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