Month: August 2011

Lined and ready for Hens

Over the weekend I managed to line the Hens end of the Hen house. This was done for a number of reasons, mainly that the building is clad with treated plywood and it’s best for the Hens to not be

Completely Weathertight and doors fitted

I managed to finish the eaves on the hen house over the weekend and fitted the doors and their hinges. The latches for the doors are pretty simple, they’re just a cam made out of ply which you turn to

Cladding the Hen House

After a bit of bad weather, I managed to get the roof and external cladding onto the Hen House. The roof frame was too heavy for me to lift by myself, so I had a friend come over and help.

Construction under way

I managed to get some work completed on the Hen House over the weekend. I got the floor frame onto the posts and screwed in position. The floor was very heavy as it’s made out of 1.6mm thick high tensile