MAME – Software and Hardware decisions

After a little more experimenting, I have found that the slow PC I was going to use is too slow except for the basic games such as Galaga, PacMan and DonkeyKong – I’ve decided to use the slower computer on the older cabinet and run only 4 or 5 retro games with a single joystick and single button game.

I’ve taken down my home server, a 2.5GHz celeron and gifted it to the project.

I have been playing around with OS’ and after spending a *LOT* (read 2am nights about 5 days in a row) of time with MSDOS and FreeDOS and having problems (The game menu I wanted to use is called game launcher but this uses the Allegro lib which isn’t too good at supporting soundblaster cards), I have gone the way of the Penguin (linux) and am now using a modified version of AdvanceCD on a Hard Drive. AdvanceCD uses AdvanceMenu as the front end which is very configurable and runs AdvanceMame to run the games.

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