MAME – Completion

I was determined to complete the cabinet today as this evening we were having people over for bithday celebrations. I made a mounting bracket out of plate steel for the hard drive. I mounted the power supply the easiest way i knew how (Opened it up, removed pcb, screwed bottom half of case to cabinet then replaced pcb and top of case).

I made some vent holes in the back panel I made for the cabinet and at the bottom left corner I fitted a cooling fan to suck air from outside and blow it directly over the motherboard. I masked off the area around the screen and painted it all black. Once dry I masked off the front of the screen and painted the sides of the glass tube and metal mounts black. After fitting the screen into the cabinet, it looked awesome.

To make transport easier (and safer from breakages), I can remove the back panel and take out the monitor and hard drive within a minute.

Rear view

(Almost) Finished cabinet.

The machine went well with lots of people commenting on it. I only need to design and fit a surround for around the screen. This isn’t overly urgent as with the tinted glass and lots of black paint, very little can be seen.

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