MAME – Ordering the basics

Inititally i was going to use a modchipped xbox running MameOX but since I had just been gifted a computer that although a little light on power (533MHz Celeron, 64MB, 6GB) should be suitable for the job.

Cabinet #1

Cabinet #2

To save myself having to build a cabinet, I started looking on Trademe and in no time was the proud owner of a old retro style cabinet….. or two. The first cabinet looks great with its woodgrain vinyl, but will take a lot of effort to tidy up. The second cabinet is a lot newer and bigger, but inclucluded buttons, joysticks a coin¬†mechanism and a pair of speakers. It was also in a 9/10 condition after 30 minutes of cleaning.

Instead of hacking a keyboard to make a keyboard encoder, I opted for the more professional option of an IPAC2 Interface from Ultimarc.


Huge monitor

I spent more time looking on trademe and got a bargain on a 20″ monitor.

I’m currently in the process of cleaning up the cabinet and waiting on parts to arrive.

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