TARDIS build – Roof Light

I’m being pretty flesible with some of the build of my TARDIS – It’s primarily a shed to store beekeeping gear and it is some 50 metres from the road, so the public shouldn’t be getting up close to it.

I cut a series of circles out of plywood, screwed them together and painted them.

The actual lamp is just a pickle jar with a bit of frosted plastic inside. The bottom of the jar (which is the top when it’s installed) has some self adhesive foil to reflect a bit of light.

Trial fit of the top of the lamp

The lamp contains a couple of RGB addressable LED’s with a three core cable. The plan is to use a microcontroller to directly control these LEDs.

Lamp installed and roof attached to main structure.

The main structure is still a bit flimsy at the moment as the plywood walls are what provides a lot of strength. No problem though, the walls are going on within days.

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  1. Hi John.

    Do you perhaps have pics/plans/ideas as to how you did the angled roof? I’m at that stage with my TARDIS now and I’m racking my brain trying to figure out how I’m going to do this (not having any woodworking experience does tend to count against you)

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