Cheese fridge repairs

My cheese fridge was partially destroyed at the start of July.

A car crashed into a power pole carrying both a 22kv distribution line and the 230v line for our house.

They . touched . briefly

It turns out a lot of devices made to run on 230v are not so happy running on 22kv which caused a lot of magic smoke to be released from our prized belongings.

The temperature and humidity controller in my cheese fridge literally blew up, sending plastic pieces six metres across the garage. Fortunately these controllers protected the fridge itself so it’s just the controllers that need replacing.

The ZL-7801A, these look interesting

I started looking for new controllers and found the ZL-7801A, which is a combined Temperature and Humidity controller in one. It’s also got a timed on, timed off relay output intended to be used by an egg turner (in an incubator), but I think I should be able to use it to turn on circulation fans for 30 seconds once every 30 minutes.

I plan to use one half of the “Egg turning motor” output to turn on a circulation fan on a 1% duty cycle

I’ll do another blog post once I receive the controller.

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