Understanding how a fridge freezer works

The fridge I’m using for my cheese fridge is a fridge freezer, this means that during normal operation, the two boxes are different temperatures – around 20 degrees C.

I want both the fridge and freezer to operate at the same temperature, so first job is to find out exactly how the cooling system works. I’m not talking about the Vapor-compression refrigeration process, but the specific details about how this specific model works.

The circuit diagram is a good starting point:

2016-01-09 19.02.05

By referring to the circuit diagram and removing the covers from the inside of the device, I’ve worked out the following:

  • The cooling system only directly cools the freezer compartment
  • There is no thermostat in the freezer, only in the fridge
  • Cold air from the freezer vents into the fridge compartment via a flap that can be opened or closed manually. More closed = colder freezer
  • The circuit diagram shows a “Compensating Thermo” and “Compartment Heater” – I *think* it’s for a vegetable bin, but not sure – It will be diconnected.

I’ve also been able to confirm with a fair amount of confidence that there is only insulation in the wall between fridge and freezer – This means I can drill hole to vent the two compartments without the risk of damaging electrical or cooling system components.

Next step is to come up with a plan and order some parts

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