Ordering parts for the cheese fridge

After working out how my fridge works, I’ve now decided what I’m going to do to make it into a cheese fridge.

The plan is to cut holes between the Fridge and Freezer compartments and run small fans 24/7 to keep the air moving. One fan will blow from the freezer into the fridge while the other will have a “snorkel” moving air from near the bottom of the fridge to the top of the freezer – I don’t want to use convection, I want the entire fridge freezer to be one temperature, or at least +/-1 degree.

I’m going to use a temperature controller to turn the fridge compressor on and off. The fridge thermostat will be set to Max cold and I’ll use my own controller to switch the power on and off to the compressor. I’m going to use a 30Amp controller as the fridge compressor is an inductive load and the difference in price between a 10 and 30amp controller is negligible. I’ll then use a humidity controller to switch an ultrasonic fogger on and off to increase the humidity level. The ultrasonic fogger runs on 24V DC, so I’ll use 24 Volt fans instead of the usual 12V to save me needing separate supplies (or a converter) for fans and humidifier.

I will need to put the fogger in a box as they tends to splash water a little bit – It may also need to be fan forced to get the fog out without water going everywhere, but I’ll play this by ear depending on how it goes.

I’ve ordered the bits. Here’s what is on order.

I already have some spare 24V power supplies, so didn’t need one. The Water fogger needs 15w @ 24V so realistically a 0.75Amp supply is the minimum to power the fogger and fans.

Everything is ordered, so now we wait….

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