Assembling the Geiger counter

The Geiger counter kitset arrived about a week ago, but I’ve been really busy and unable to find the time to assemble it.

Things in Japan have quietened down (at least in the news), but I’m sure it would still be a good idea to monitor radiation.

The PCB looks tidy, but without a solder screen, may require a bit more heat to solder everything on.

I quickly set up my tools (including a cardboard protector for the dinner table) and got to work.

It took me about two hours to complete.

The weakest point in the entire circuit is the connection of the high voltage to the Geiger Müller tube. It’s done with some stiff wire in loops. The wire is similar to what paperclips are made out of.

I was unable to get it to work straight after assembly.

I’ll have to do some more investigation work to find out what the problem is.

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