Month: August 2009

No more Windows Live Messenger for Windows Server 2003

Microsoft just upgraded Live Messenger. If you happen to use Windows Server 2003 as your operating system of choice – As a lot of web developers do, you are now out of luck using Windows Live Messenger. As of yesterday,

C# equivalent to VB val() function

Although VB had it’s limitations, it was damn easy to filter an input string for a numerical value. Here is how to do it in C#. You’ll need to use System.Text.RegularExpressions in the header private static int VBVal(string sInput) {

Radio control interface to CHDK

I’ve previously blogged about CHDK. It is the “Canon Hackers Development Kit” and is alternative firmware for Canon digital cameras. It never actually overwrites the camera firmware and can give a camera many extra features not available in the default