Month: November 2008

Backing up SVN to a Zip File

I promised in my post about getting a UTC Formatted Date and Time from the command line that I would give some tips about using it for backups. I use my dateTimeUTC command line application I wrote about and 7-zip

My first photo of the International Space Station

The International Space Station passed over London tonight. Yes, it passes over regularly but it can only be seen (easily) when it reflects the sun. Using the website Heavens-Above you’re able to perform these predictions with ease. It was predicted

More 3D Photos

Here are the 3D Photos I promised. They are from my first test of my dual camera rig. I got off the tube at Piccadilly Circus and walked to the London Eye. Here are some of the highlights which I

So much Detail….

I can’t get over the detail I’m getting out of my 3D Stereo Photographs. The quality of the photos is just amazing. Check out this picture.. Here is a crop from the full resolution version (click to see in 1:1

First Photo with my Dual Camera 3D Rig

I went out a few days back and took a few photos with my new 3D Rig. The most amazing things are the sharpness and the synchronisation of the two cameras. Take a look at this photo. The real devil

Easy Formatted UTC Dates from the Command line – PC

I’ve been using the command line to backup my files for a long time, but always used the date and time tools that ship with windows. the way I used to do it was like this (Sorry, long lines won’t

3D Photos from my Loreo Lens in a Cap

After my earlier post about the Loreo Lens in a Cap, I decided I’d post a few of my results so you can decide what the lens is like. Here are a couple of photos I took that did come

A Mac OS X Dashboard Widget I can't live without – iStat Pro

iStat Pro is one of the most useful “task monitors” for an apple. I don’t even know where to start describing how useful it is. It even tells me the charge level on my wireless bluetooth mouse. Here is a

Force Quitting Applications in Mac OS X

Yes, Mac applications hang. Normally you can click on the  in the top left corner of the screen and select “Force Quit”. But what about keyboard shortcuts? As shown in the image above,  ⌘ + ⌥ + ESC will bring

SQL Joins and Applies – Understanding APPLY

This is part of a four part post series on SQL Joins and Applies. If you want to follow the examples given, you can get the T-SQL to create the tables, function and test data from my earlier post SQL