Month: October 2008

Low CPU Load Delays with SQL

Use WAITFOR to pause scripts while using minimal CPU overhead. WAITFOR TIME ’09:15′; –Wait until 9:15am   WAITFOR DELAY ’00:00:05′ –Wait for 5 secondsWAITFOR TIME ’09:15′; –Wait until 9:15am WAITFOR DELAY ’00:00:05′ –Wait for 5 seconds It is NOT advisable

Covering Indexes in SQL 2005

For some strange reason, covering indexes are not used or understood as much as they should. To quote Microsoft… “A Covering Index is a nonclustered index built upon all of the columns required to satisfy a SQL Server query, both

Making the USB Remote

I’ve picked up my pieces from Maplin and started building my remote. I’ve been playing around and found that with my cameras, they seem happy receiving 9 volts to trigger them. This makes the circuit very simple. Disclaimer: USB is

A few things have arrived

I ordered a few items off the Bay of E and am getting excited about this project. Here is the Flash Bracket I ordered: It’s just a straight rail with TWO screws for mounting the cameras. It’s already starting to

Giant Kiwi – No News is not Good News

I’m trying to find out the status of the markings on the land at the moment. Hopefully they are still visible and my work wasn’t in vain. For now though, you’ll have to make do with a view from google

Dual camera 3D Photography

While back in New Zealand I picked up a couple of the “Canon Ixy Digital 10” digital camera. Yes, it’s actually a Japanese model – I got then through Parallel Imported Ltd who as the name suggests, Parallel Import things.