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Reading data from a Sensirion SHT1x with a Raspberry Pi

Note: An updated version of my code is available at /2012/11/update-reading-data-from-a-sensirion-sht1x-with-a-raspberry-pi/ The Sensirion SHT1x range of sensors provide a rather convenient way to accurately measure Temperature and Relative Humidity. They aren’t the cheapest sensors as they typically sell for around

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Reading data from a Bosch BMP085 with a Raspberry Pi

Update(2): I’ve fixed some reported bugs in this code. Please use the newer version here. Update: If the LM Sensors website is still down, you can get smbus.c and smbus.h from here. I needed a way to measure air pressure

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A new toy to play with

Look what I received in the mail today…. A shiny new Raspberry Pi single board computer. These things are revolutionising the world of embedded electronics – They have a 700MHz ARM processor, 256MB RAM, Two USB Ports, HDMI and Composite

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