Petit Studio Raspberry Pi HDMI extender cheap cable fix

Note: This fix is NOT due to a fault of the Petit Studio Raspberry Pi Camera extension kit, it’s due to the use of cheap HDMI leads.

I brought some Petit Studio Raspberry Pi HDMI camera extenders from Tindie. These boards passively convert the 15 pin ribbon cable into a convenient HDMI connector so the cable can be extended using HDMI cables. It doesn’t convert the signal to HDMI, it simply uses the HDMI cable as an extension. Sidenote: The $5 shipping only took 4 days to get to New Zealand from Japan!

I brought some cheap 3m HDMI cables from a supplier on TradeMe and thought I was all set.

It turns out not all HDMI cables are made the same. The cables I brought work perfectly between a PC and monitor, but not at all on the Tindie camera extender.

A quick Duck Duck Go (That’s so much harder to use as a verb than Google) and I found a fix – There are meant to be shields for each data pair but in cheaper cables these are not connected. It’s an easy fix, just use the metal shield of the HDMI plug as ground…..

Or not..

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