Month: June 2014

Huawei HG630B. Inspecting the firmware

My previous posts on hacking the HG630B didn’t result in me getting root/console access to the router, so it’s time to look into the firmware. I downloaded the latest version of the firmware. These are the details of the firmware

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Huawei HG630B. Connecting to the UART

In my previous post I guessed that a five pad header on the rear of the PCB could be a UART of some type. I quickly soldered a header to the pads, connected my Saleae logic analyzer up, switched on

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Huawei HG630B. Peeking inside

Let me be the first to say, it is really hard to open up the HG630B without breaking anything. You have to get the foot off first, this can be done with a small flathead screwdriver and a lot of

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Huawei HG630B. Got Root?

Huawei HG630B. Got Root? Telecom New Zealand are distributing the Huawei HG630B router as their ‘Home Gateway’ for residential customers. These routers are particularly interesting as they are Tri-Purpose. They have three WAN interfaces: an RJ11 socket for ADSL/VDSL, Ethernet

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Yes, I’m still alive!

Wow, It’s June already! Yes, I’m still alive, I’ve been busy, but I intend to start posting again soon.