Month: August 2012

La Crosse TX23U Anemometer Communication Protocol

I’ve previously documented the protocol of the La Crosse TX20 Anemometer, but mine recently failed. The La Crosse TX23U Anemometer is almost half the price of the TX20, so I decided to buy one and see if I could decode

DIY Incubator Egg Turner – Video

Here’s a video of the Egg Turner running at full speed. I definitely need to slow it down!

DIY Incubator Egg Turner

After a recent disaster when a broody chicken stopped being broody before the eggs hatched, I’ve decided to build a fully automated incubator. The incubator will include: Temperature Control Humidity Control Automatic Egg Turning The first step was to find

Reading data from a Sensirion SHT1x with a Raspberry Pi

Note: An updated version of my code is available at /2012/11/update-reading-data-from-a-sensirion-sht1x-with-a-raspberry-pi/ The Sensirion SHT1x range of sensors provide a rather convenient way to accurately measure Temperature and Relative Humidity. They aren’t the cheapest sensors as they typically sell for around

Reading data from a Bosch BMP085 with a Raspberry Pi

Update(2): I’ve fixed some reported bugs in this code. Please use the newer version here. Update: If the LM Sensors website is still down, you can get smbus.c and smbus.h from here. I needed a way to measure air pressure