Month: November 2011

Still collecting Swarms

I managed to get myself on a number of swarm lists, one of which the Auckland city council seem to refer to when they get Bee related phone calls. As of yesterday, I’ve now collected a total of three swarms

More new chicks

At the end of October we put six fertile eggs underneath our broody Bantam hen and a couple of days ago they started to hatch. We ended up with three of the six eggs hatching – they’re all Black Australorps.

Chicks – 7 Weeks old

The chicks we incubated are now seven weeks old. It looks pretty clear to us that the two Black Australorps are Males while the Blue Australorps are Female. The Males are for sale or swap if anyone is interested.

Kiwicon Reminder

I’m off to Kiwicon V this coming weekend. If you’re interested in computer security and haven’t got a ticket, I suggest you make some very last minute plans to get to Wellington for the 5th and 6th November.