Month: May 2008

A car on a tree stump?

While driving from Rotorua to Auckland yesterday, I came across an old Mercedes on a tree stump. It was a bit weird.  Here’s a photo of my GPS receiver. The GPS puts the tree stump right here (google maps). The strange things we

My bags are packed, I'm ready to go

I’m off back to New Zealand tomorrow to get a new Visa for the UK. I’ll probably be around 3 months.  I hope to keep updating this site, especially the Crop Kiwi as I’ll be doing that while I’m away.

Giant Kiwi – A View from Space

I’ve created a kmz file for Google Earth. Giant Kiwi KMZ file for Google Earth If you don’t have google earth, here is a screen grab from it.  The satellite photos on Google Earth are still a little out of

Giant Kiwi – An Artists Impression

A little playing around in Photoshop resulted in this picture: The measurements are in metres.  I’ve worked out that the line needs to be about 30cm (1 foot) thick if I want it to be easily visible by satellite. I’ll