Fire Codes

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K0not available
K1(sent by Selcall) proceeding to incident
K2(sent by Selcall) in attendance at incident
K3(sent by Selcall) on RT outside normal turnout area
K4(sent by Selcall) on RT inside normal turnout area
K5(sent by Selcall) on cellphone)
K6(sent by Selcall) on telepager
K7(sent by Selcall) at normal station
K8(sent by Selcall) at residence
K9(sent by Selcall) off RT - state reason/location
KEunable to proceed - state reason
K11State Service Required (Reason)
K11-1Police Required (Confidential)
K22is your appliance available for a further call?
K22-1appliance available to respond to further calls
K22-2have you any appliances that can be released?
K25proceed to, and stadby at ...(location)..
K25-1appliance standing by awaiting instructions at...(location)
K26appliance will be engaged at incident for .... time
K26-1appliance still engaged, no additional developments
K28appliance is to return to station (only to be used by Firecom)
K28-1return other responding appliances
K31request permission to go off RT (fires and standby)
K32on radio test - how do you receive?
K33radio test received satisfactory
K34repeat your message
K35verify address of call
K35-1request street map reference
K36contact Firecom by telephone
K38Associate this officer to incident (state incident address)
K39Re-transmit your current status
K41fatality - indicate number
K42All Persons Accounted For
K44divisional / command control point established - OIC and location
K44-1divisional / command control point established reverting to appliance mobile
K45command responcibility change - state reason
K46stop message - false alarm
K46-1stop message - false alarm good intent
K46-2stop message - false accidental
K46-3stop message - defective apparatus
K46-4stop message - false alarm malicious
K46-5alarm agent in attendance
K46-6nothing showing on indicator panel
K47stop message - message unchange from informative
K48stop message - details to follow
K51Trial Evacuation to be carried out at (Location)
K52Trial Evacuation, was 111 call received from location?
K53Trial Evacuation Completed at location xxxx
K55Special Service non-fire (i.e Rescue, car accident, chemicals, flooding)
K66Rubbish or grass fire
K77Nothing showing investigating
K88Small property fire
K99Property well involved

4Hydraulic Elevating Monitor (HEM)
5Hydraulic Elevating Platform (HEP) (Snorkel)
6Turntable Ladder
7Pump - Rescue - Tender (PRT)
8Heavy Rescue (HRT)
9Light Rescue (LRT)
10Four Wheel Drive / Rural Unit
12Hose Layer
13Foam Tender
14Command Unit
15BA Tender
16HAZMAT / Decontamination Unit
17Salvage Tender
18Canteen Vehicle
19Other (Courier / Van)
22Flat Deck Truck
23Emergency Response Vehicle
29Operational Support Vehicle (Fire Police)


BA: Breathing Apparatus
CFO: Chief Fire Officer
DCFO: Deputy Chief Fire Officer
FF: Fire Fighter
FO: Fire Officer
FSO: Fire Support Officer
FSU: Fire Support Unit
HAZCHEM: Hazardous Chemicals
HAZMAT: Hazardous Materials
HPD: High Pressure Delivery
LPD: Low Pressure Delivery
MVA: Motor Vehicle Accident
RFA: Rural Fire Authority
SFF: Senior Fire Fighter
TLO: Technical Liaison Officer

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