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157.900 Telecom Network 3 Auckland Pocsag 512/1200
157.925 Telecom Network 1 Nationwide Pocsag 512/1200
157.950 Telecom Network 2 North Island Pocsag 1200
" " Telecom Network 2 Nationwide Flex (used for Fire Paging etc)
158.000 Page1 Pocsag
158.050 Answer Services Pocsag

Other Pagers

29.900 Firecomm Tone Pager (still used in some areas by volunteers)
458.550 Pocsag 512/1200 & Voice Paging

In-House Low Power Paging



  1. Details of the frequencies available for radio paging systems and the general technical conditions for the operation of such systems are set out in the following paragraphs.


    Frequency Tolerance

  2. The transmitter must be crystal controlled and the carrier frequency must be maintained within a tolerance of 2.5 kHz.


    Type of Emission, Bandwidth and Depth of Modulation

  4. Amplitude or frequency modulation (including phase and FSK) is permitted in Bands A, B and C. Only frequency modulation is permitted for Band D. With normal modulation all emissions removed from the carrier frequency by more than 10 kHz must be attenuated to at least -23 dBm.

  5. For AM operation the maximum emission bandwidth including sidebands must not exceed 20 kHz. The depth of modulation is not to exceed 100%.

  6. For FM operation the maximum emission bandwidth shall be 16 kHz. The frequency deviation shall not exceed 5 kHz.


    Transmitter Power

  7. Transmitter power shall in all cases be the minimum required to provide an efficient service and in general must not exceed 5 watts (mean).


    Frequency Usage

  8. The following frequencies are available for use:


    Band A

    Band B

    Band C

    Band D

    (26.95-27.30 MHz)

    (31.30-31.60 MHz)

    (160.325-160.600 MHz)

    (458.540-458.610 MHz)

    Chan Freq Chan Freq Chan Freq Chan Freq
      (MHz)   (MHz)   (MHz)   (MHz)
    RP1A 26.978 RP 1B 31.325 RP 1C 160.3375 RP1D 458.550
    RP2A 27.003 RP 2B 31.350 RP 2C 160.3625 RP2D 458.600
    RP3A 27.028 RP 3B 31.375 RP 3C 160.3875    
    RP4A 27.053 RP 4B 31.400 RP 4C 160.4125    
    RP5A 27.078 RP 5B 31.425 RP 5C 160.4375    
    RP6A 27.103 RP 6B 31.450 RP 6C 160.4625    
    RP7A 27.137 RP 7B 31.475 RP 7C 160.4875    
    RP8A 27.162 RP 8B 31.500 RP 8C 160.5125    
    RP9A 27.187 RP 9B 31.525 RP 9C 160.5375    
    RP10A 27.212 RP10B 31.550 RP10C 160.5625    
    RP11A 27.237 RP11B 31.575 RP11C 160.5875    
    RP12A 27.262            

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