Month: June 2013

Soldering ESCs

I’m using 30 Amp hobby King ESCs in my Quad Copter. They each come with five bare ends which need connectors soldered to them. Here’s a picture showing the result of about two hours of soldering and heat shrinking. I’ve

Fun with Loctite and Brushless Motors

It turns out four motors is four times the work of one… and four times the Loctite. I’ve attached the spinners to the motors and the motors to the motor mounts using Loctite Threadlocker Red 271. This should stop any

Quadcopter frame assembled

I’ve finished assembling the Quadcopter frame. The instructions are a little cryptic and I have plenty of screws missing over, but I’m confident it will work. The build quality is reasonable for the price tag. I’m still waiting on a

Quadcopter frame arrives

My Quadcopter frame arrived in the mail today. It’s the Turnigy H.A.L Quadcopter from HobbyKing. I hope to start assembling it over the next day.

Autopilot parts arrive

The first package of parts for my Quadcopter have arrived. I ordered these parts from 3D Robotics. The picture is of the two Telemetry Transceivers, Power Module, Ardupilot Mega 2.5 and Ublox GPS