Month: October 2011

Fencing the Apiary

I’ve been very busy over the last few weeks fencing off an area for my apiary and collecting a couple of Swarms. I hope to post some more bee info soon.

Moving the swarm to a bigger home

My bee suit arrived today so I was able to move the bees from their temporary five frame home into their final home. While transferring them I managed to catch a glimpse of the queen, so she’s definitely in there.

Bees arrive

I went and collected a swarm of bees yesterday. I was unable to confirm if the queen was in it, but the bees seem to be staying in the box, so she must be in there somewhere. I collected them

Chicks – 4 Weeks Old

We let the chicks outside again today. We managed to find a number of worms while gardening and it seems the chicks definitely have a taste for them.

Chicks – First time outdoors – 3 Weeks Old

We wrapped some chicken wire around our outdoor table and let the chicks out today. They seemed to enjoy themselves.

Chicks – 18 Days Old

I never realised quite how fast chickens grew. This is only six days since my last post with a picture of them!

Plans for a curved goat shelter

I recently had to build a shelter for my Goats and decided to build something with a curved roof. I’ve also calculated wind loadings for this design – see the end of this post.