Month: September 2011

Chicks – 12 Days Old

Our four chicks have been in a cat carrier cage for the first 10 days of their lives. They grow like crazy and it was soon time to move them to a bigger home. I made up a 1500 x

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Chicks – 1 week old

We ended up getting four chicks from the eggs we purchased. We purchased 12 eggs, here are the stats:

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First Chick Hatched

We’ve been incubating some eggs since the 28th August. The first egg hatched right on schedule (day 21) yesterday.

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Incubating Eggs

We picked up some eggs on Sunday the 28th August and put them in our home made incubator. I took a one wire temperature sensor and connected it to an AVR micro controller and a solid state relay. It simply

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First attempt at KAP in New Zealand

I’ve been interested in KAP (Kite Aerial Photography) for quite some time, but only ever tried it once (unsuccessfully) in the UK. I picked up a Giant Delta Conyne kite at the Bristol Kite Festival (in the UK) a few

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The Hens have arrived

We picked up some hens on the weekend, the first of our farm animals (we only had a cat up until now) – does that mean we’re farmers now? We’ve got some Black Australorp Eggs in the incubator, but it’ll

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