Month: May 2011

СБМ20 / CBM20 Geiger Müller Tube specifications

I managed to find out some information on the СБМ20 Geiger Müller Tube. I tracked down the following image on Google Image Search… With the help of a Russian speaking coworker, I was able to find out the most important

A working Geiger Counter

I managed to get the Geiger counter kitset working. I believe it was a problem with the high voltage leaking through some flux. Either way, a good cleanup around my solder joints seemed to fix the problem. The Geiger Müller

Assembling the Geiger counter

The Geiger counter kitset arrived about a week ago, but I’ve been really busy and unable to find the time to assemble it. Things in Japan have quietened down (at least in the news), but I’m sure it would still