Month: April 2010

IIS 6- Setting up a write only FTP directory

So, you want to set up a write only ftp directory on IIS? One where you can upload files, but not list them? Easy…

WordPress Super Cache plugin – Performance Benchmarking

I’ve been doing some performance tests on WordPress to see how much of a difference the WordPress Super Cache plugin made. It turns out that the plugin makes a huge difference.

WordPress not sending emails on ubuntu – nrcpts=0

So, you’re using sendmail to try and send emails from php/wordpress and it’s not working? Are your mail logs (/var/log/mail.log) showing nrcpts=0 ?? Make sure the sendmail_path in your php.ini file (/etc/php5/apache2/php.ini) is set up correctly. It should probably be…

WordPress, Permalinks and 404 errors

This page has the permalink /2010/04/wordpress-permalinks-and-404-errors But internally its default URL is /?p=1495. Permalinks help people see the topic of a page before it’s visited and generally mean that search engines will rank them higher too. OK, so you’re getting

Bear with me while I change servers

I’ve taken the plunge, and this time I’m not doing it by halves. I’m moving from my Windows Server 2003 physical co-located server to a Virtual Private Server (VPS) running Linux. All of the websites have been transferred across, everything

DateTimeUTC – Version 1.1

I’ve been using DateTimeUTC for quite some time in batch files to get a nicely formatted date. This is the first major revision of DateTimeUTC where you can now add or subtract from the current date. This is very useful