Month: February 2005

MAME – Completion

I was determined to complete the cabinet today as this evening we were having people over for bithday celebrations. I made a mounting bracket out of plate steel for the hard drive. I mounted the power supply the easiest way

MAME – Have Locks, will secure

I picked up the locks from a locksmith. I decided not to spend the money on the radial locks with the round keys as the price was fairly high. I ended up paying $20 each for the locks from Armstrong

MAME – Glass 0, Perspex 1

I got the perspex on Friday – They managed to get me black perspex so it doesn’t even need painting. I fitted the perspex and it looks awesome – so shiny! I finished taking the computer apart and mounted the

MAME – Progress Photos

I finally got around to mounting the Subwoofer/Amp and taking a photo of the cracked glass. My perspex should be ready on friday which will rock. The cracked glass 🙁 Subwoofer in place The subwoofer vent will be vented out

MAME – Broken Dreams

Damm! The glass in the control panel broke. I guess by sanding it, I caused a fracture which overnight spread across the piece of glass. Maybe I’ll take the glaziers advice and use perspex instead… oh well, we learn from

MAME – New sound and grinding the glass

I brought a high speed handheld grinder/engraver, a poor mans dremel to grind the edges of the glass around the joysticks. After about 1 hour of griding the glass looked great. I fitted it into the cabinet and started playing.

MAME – Glass has arrived

I ordered glass to replace the perspex in my cabinet and it is now sitting in my garage. Its a big piece of tinted glass to cover the screen and a clear piece with heaps of holes for the button

MAME – Software and Hardware decisions

After a little more experimenting, I have found that the slow PC I was going to use is too slow except for the basic games such as Galaga, PacMan and DonkeyKong – I’ve decided to use the slower computer on